Directed by Grayson Moore & Aidan Shipley

Toronto Film Festival 2017 - Discovery

Stockholm Film Festival - Impact Section

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When Valerie returns home from prison years after killing her neighbour in an apparent drunk driving accident, she wants nothing more than to move on — until the deceased’s son shows up at her door and it becomes clear that the past is not easily forgotten.


Crew                     Directors: Grayson Moore & Aidan Shipley

Writer: Grayson Moore

Cinematographer: Jackson ParrellEditor: Daniel Haack

Producers: Kristy Neville, Marianna Margaret

Executive Producers: Sheila McCarthy, Kevin Saffer, Matt Code, Chris Bennett (Wildling Pictures Inc.)

Production Designer: Thea Hollatz

Sound: CJ Woodley

Original Score: Todor Kobakov

Costume Design: Robyn Macdonald


Original Title    Cardinals

Language          English

Genre                 Drama

Length               84 mins

Format               DCP | Colour | 5.1

Year                    2017


Toronto International Film Festival 2017 (Discovery)/ Stockholm Film Festival 2017 - Impact (Sweden)/... more to be announced !



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Coming soon!


Grayson Moore graduated from Ryerson University's film program. He wrote the short films Bridges and Dorsal, as well as the recently completed virtual-reality narrative short Deerbrook. His directorial debut was his thesis film, Running Season, which premiered at TIFF in 2014, was selected at Slamdance, and won ‘Best Canadian Short’ at the Whistler Film Festival. Grayson also co-directed and wrote Boxing which premiered at TIFF in 2015. He’s currently adapting the novel The Extinction Club for Lumanity Productions (Born to Be Blue, Stockholm). Cardinals is his first feature film.


Aidan Shipley is a Toronto-based actor/director. Upon graduating from Ryerson University’s film program in 2014, his thesis film, Dorsal, was awarded the A&E Short Filmmakers Award for best film by the National Screen Institute and was recently acquired by the CBC. He went on to co-write/direct the short film Boxing, which premiered at TIFF in 2015 where it was highlighted with eight other short films to be a part of the TIFF Short Cuts Remix Program. He is currently producing the feature documentary, A Girl Named C.


The word ‘cardinal’ comes from the Latin cardo, meaning hinge. Something that has cardinal qualities is so important that it functions as a keystone or axle; other things hinge around it.
After the long and often brutal Canadian winter, one of the first signs of spring is the birdsong of the northern cardinal. They do not migrate to more inhabitable climes when conditions worsen, preferring they stay the course, always defending their territory. So territorial are they that each year, thousands of cardinals die from crashing into windows. They see their own reflection and instinctively attack the other bird, pecking at the window, sometimes exhausting themselves to death.
Homeowners go to great lengths to protect these birds, pulling down shades, drawing curtains, building barriers, but the cardinal is relentless.