Directed by Ronny Trocker

WORLD PREMIERE - Venice Film Festival 2016 - Competition Orizzonti

International Film Rotterdam 2017 - Bright Future

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Synopsis             Albert grew up on an isolated mountain farm in the middle of nowhere in the Alps. Although he’s already in his 
30ies, his omnipresent mother Marianne still pulls the strings in his life. Not intentionally and only because of his mothers pressure, Albert went to live in the nearby valley to make his living in a marble quarry. Marianne wants to protect him from the poor and lonesome life on the mountain and is even willing to denounce their bonds to the tradition of the farm, 
that has existed over centuries. Like an abandoned animal that keeps coming back to its territory, the introverted farmers son keeps sneaking back to the mountain as often as possible. When his father dies accidently
 whilst repairing the roof, Marianne fears, that Albert will take 
over the role of his father and return to the farm.
 Instead, she decides to hide the death from Albert and the outside world - and buries his corpse on the mountain.


Cast                      Ingrid Burkhard, Andreas Lust, Orsi Tóth, Hannes Perkmann, Peter Mitterrutzner, Georg Kaser, Franz Fulterer, Florian Eisner, Johann Nikolussi, Christoph Griesser, Anton Algrang, Hans Peter Hallwachs 

Credits                Director: Ronny Trocker

                             Cinematography: Klemens Hufnagl

                             Editing: Julia Drack

                             Production Design: Stefan Oppenländer

                             Costume Design: Nastassja Kinspergher

                             Make-Up Design: Rebecca Koch

                             Sound Design: Niklas Kammertöns

                             Producers: Susanne Mann, Paul Zischler

      Co-producers: Karin C. Berger, Arash T. Riahi, Raphael Barth


Original Title   Die Einsiedler

Language        German

Genre               Drama

Length             110 mins

Format             DCP, colour


Venice Film Festival 2016 - Competition Orizzonti / Zurich Film Festival (Switzerland)/ Filmfest Hamburg 2016 (Germany)/ CPH PIX (Denmark)/  Thessaloniki Film Festival 2016 (Greece)/ Braunschweig Film Festival 2016 (Germany)/ International Bosphorus Film Festival 2016 (Turkey)/ Kinofest Lünen 2016 (Germany)/ Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2016 (Estonia)/ International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR 2017 (Netherlands)/ Dutch Mountain Film Festival 2017 (Netherlands)/ Glasgow Film Festival 2017 (UK)/ Febiofest 2017 (Czech Republic)/ Saas-Fee Filmfest 2017 (Switzerland), Critics Choice Award/ Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2017 (Italy)/ HKIFF 2017 (Hong Kong)/ Nashville Film Festival 2017 (US - Grand Jury Prize Winner - New Director Feature Competition)/ Trento Film festival 2017 (Italy)/ More to be announced soon ...


"Some films don't need much dialogue --
they live through their images.
Some characters don't need much action --
they live through the fears and hopes which we can guess through their eyes.
Some scripts don't seduce us with exotic locations --
they invent their quiet adventures relatively nearby.
Some stories don't end with a big finale --
but instead in a sudden way that challenges our imagination... "SFFF



coming soon


The archaic world of the last remaining isloated mountain farms in the Alps is slowly disappearing, but the heritage of its loneliness and its roughness has marked the inhabitants of the region. "The Eremites" tries to show the ponderous communication between the mountain people and their difficulty to pronounce their own anxieties, dreams and desires. Stuck between a loaded past and an uncertain future, the characters of the film are trying to find their own way to move forward, but in such a hostile environment, surrounded by an imposing and dominant nature, every decision can become existantial. With no big words the film tries to visualize the fragile interior of those characters.


Ronny Trocker was born in Bolzano (Italy) and grew up in a small mountain village in the Italian Alps. After his studies at the Universidad del Cine in Argentina and Le Fresnoy in France, he’s currently based in Brussels. His range of works includes experimental and narrative shorts, as well as documentaries, shown in renowned festivals all around the world (Berlinale, Rome Int. Film Festival, IFFR Rotterdam, Annecy) while his latest video-installation was lastly exposed at the Centquatre in Paris. “The Eremites” is his first feature film.