Directed by Tom Roberts

In consideration for the Documentary Feature category for the 88th Academy Awards

Hot Docs 2015

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Every Last Child is the story of five people caught up in the current polio crisis in Pakistan. It tells of their sorrow, sacrifice and fearless determination in the face of mistrust, cynicism and violence.


Three years ago, polio persisted in only three countries and the number of victims was steadily decreasing. Pakistan was the key - with over 80% of all endemic cases. However, when the Pakistan Taliban issued a ban against the polio vaccination programme, and incited fatal attacks against vaccinators, Pakistan's vaccination campaign was thrown into disarray. Now, families and healthcare workes find themselves in the cross-hairs of politics and bloodshed as they attempt to protect their children from polio. Once at the brink of eradication, the disease is again a global threat with Pakistan at the center of the spread.


English, Urdu, Pashto

Thriller Documentary, 87'


Director & Writer: Tom Roberts

Producer: Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Executive Producer: Danielle Perissi

Composer: Nitin Sawhney

Cinematographer: Ali Faisal Zaidi

Editor: Paul Carlin


DocNYC Festival (USA)

Hot Docs International Documentary Festival 2015 (Canada)

Message to Man (Russia),

Valladolid Film Festival (Spain)

More to be announced soon...

About the Team

Tom Roberts is one of the leading documentary directors of his generation with dozens of films to his credit. He has won more than 35 personal international awards and nominations for his directing, including an Emmy and a BAFTA. Paul Carlin is a seasoned film, documentary and music editor, as well as a published writer. His film work covers a variety of genres, from high-end budget features to TV series. Ali Faisal Zaidi is an acclaimed freelance journalist and cameraman who has earned admiration for his work while operating in some of the world's most difficult environments.

“Provocative and hard-hitting”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Every Last Child probes a public health crisis far more violent than Ebola” Indiewire

“An affecting look... extending the film’s appeal beyond the merely informational” Variety

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