Directed by Wayne Roberts

Official Selection, Discovery Toronto International Film Festival 2016

International Film Rotterdam 2017 - Bright Future

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"I want to create films that motivate others to live richer and more meaningful lives. For Katie SaysGoodbye, the desire is to do so by emboldening others with the strength and conviction required to best pursue their dreams." Wayne Roberts


A young waitress in the American Southwest dreams of a new life in San Francisco. After she falls in love with an ex-convict, the fragile harmony of her world is thrown into jeopardy as she finds her spirit and determination challenged by those she loves most.


Cast                     Olivia Cooke (Katie), Christopher Abbott (Bruno), Mireille Enos (Tracey), Mary Steenburgen (Maybelle), Jim Belushi (Bear), Chris Lowell (Dirk), Nate Corddry (Mr Daniels), Natasha Bassett (Sara), Keir Gilchrist (Matty)

Crew                    Director & Scriptwriter: Wayne Roberts

                             Cinematographer: Paula Huidobro

                             Composer: Dan Romer

                             Editor: Sabine Emiliani

                             Production Designer: Tania Bijlani

                             Art Director: Raphael Sorcio
                             Producers: Eric Schultz, Carlo Sirtori, Jake Wasserman, Kimberly Parker, David Steiner, Benjamin Steiner

                             Executive Producers: Sean Durkin, Antonio Campos & Josh Mond


Original Title   Katie Says Goodbye

Language        English

Genre               Drama

Length             88 mins

Year                 2016


Official Selection, Discovery Toronto International Film Festival 2016/ Stockholm Film Festival 2016 Impact Award Winner/ Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2016/ Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam 2017, Bright Future/ Glasgow Film Festival 2017/ Manchester Film Festival 2017/ Febiofest 2017/ HKIFF 2017/ En Lefko Film Festival 2017/ Netia Off Camera 2017/ Taipei Film Festival (Taiwan)/ American Film Festival (Russia)/ IndieBelgrade Film Festival (Best Director Award - Serbia)/ CPH PIX (Denmark)/ Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany)/ .... more to be announced !



A luminous, heartbreaking performance from Olivia Cooke shines through every frame of Katie Says Goodbye. (...) it has the emotional kick to connect with an audience hungry for distinctive American indie features. Critical acclaim, the buzz generated by a star-making performance from Cooke and possible awards season attention should all enhance theatrical prospects, especially internationally."

"First-time filmmaker Wayne Roberts conjures new, resonant chords in his taut, tender drama about a young truck-stop waitress who dreams of life beyond her edge-of-the-map town. With its superb cast’s finely etched characters, led by Olivia Cooke’s memorable work in the title role and featuring a heart-stoppingly lovely supporting turn by Mary Steenburgen, the quietly assured debut would be a worthy addition to any art-house schedule."
Hollywood Reporter

"Finding an indie gem is like discovering gold, except you really want to tell everyone about it.  ”Katie Says Goodbye” is truly one of those golden film festival gems.  First time writer and director Wayne Roberts enters the festival arena with this polished story, eloquent and heartbreaking, yet still inspiring, starring Olivia Cooke, Jim Belushi, Chris Abbott, Chris Lowell, and Mirielle Enos.  This is the culmination of talent and dedication this film requires to give it the life it deserves.”
Reel Honest


Wayne Roberts is a Magnum Cum Laude graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and honors recipient in both Film and Philosophy. Katie Says Goodbye is his debut feature. Born and raised in Alaska, he now lives in Brooklyn.