Directed by György Kristóf

Un Certain Regard, Official Selection - Cannes Film Festival 2017

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Ágoston, a family man in his fifties, sets off to wander through Eastern Europe with the hope of finding a job and fulfillinghis dream of catching a big fish. He ends up in the Baltics, with nothing but sea-salt and wind behind his collar. His journey pulls him deeper and deeper into a swell of bizarre events to finally meet a friendly woman, a Russian acquaintance with unfriendly intensions and a sad earless stuffed rabbit. Waves spread over the sand, and retreat slowly.


Cast                     Sándor Terhes (Ágoston), Éva Bandor (Wife), Judit Bárdos (Eszter), Ieva Norvele-Kristóf (Office Manager), Guna Zarina (Gaida), Viktor Nemets (Dimitri), Ieva Aleksandrova-Eklone (Anastasia), Tibor Gáspár (Gyula)

Crew                     Director: György Kristóf

Script: György Kristóf, Eszter Horváth, Gábor Papp 

Director of Photography: Gergely Pohárnok 

Music: Miroslav Tóth

Sound: Jan Richtr

Production Design: Branislav Mihálik

Editor: Adam Brothánek

Producers: Marek Urban, Ferenc Pusztai, Jiri Konečny

Co-producers: Andrea Taschler, Ivo Ceplevičs, Ivan Ostrochovsky, Tibor Búza, Ondrej Sejnoha

Associate Producer: Guillaume De Seille

Production Company: Sentimentalfilm

In coproduction with: khm film, endorfilm, Mirage, Punkchart films, RTVS, FAMU


Original Title    Out

Language          Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Latvian, Russian, Estonian

Genre                 Drama

Length               88 mins

Format               DCP | 1:2,39 scope 24fps | Colour | 5.1

Year                    2017


Cannes Film Festival 2017 (Official Selection - Un Certain Regard)/ La Rochelle International Film Festival (France)/ Karlovy Vary Film Festival (Czech Republic)/ European Film Festival Palic (Serbia)/ Montenegro Film Festival Filmski (Montenegro)/ Riga International Film Festival (Latvia)/ Zurich Film Festival (Switzerland)/ CPH PIX (Denmark)/ Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece)/ ... more to be announced !




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György Kristóf was born in Slovakia in 1982. Quite early in his life, as a teenager, he moved to Hungary to attend high school during which he worked as a journalist in a local daily newspaper. He spent his later student years studying philosophy at University of Miskolc. There, he discovered his interest in films. Tu pursue his newly-found passion he worked in AD teams of Hungarian films and big American productions. In 2008, he starts film-studies at FAMU in Prague. There he directed a few short films which were invited to over 50 festivals and awarded several times. In 2011, after finishing BA studies, he moved to Latvia, Riga for a year: there he worked as a Director for TV commercials. He came back to FAMU to study at MA degree and finished his first feature film OUT, selected in Official Selection, Un Certain Regard at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.