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Cecilia (40) is a sociology teacher at the University. One stormy night, Kevin (15), a poor young man, the son of her maid, desperately knocks on the door of her house. Terrified, she doesn’t open. The next day, Kevin’s body shows up floating in the river, murdered by the police. Cecilia begins to be haunted by the young man’s ghost. Disturbed, she tries to forget him and go on with her life, but now it seems she is the ghost.


Cast        Elisa Carricajo (Cecilia), Mecha Martínez (Nebe), Eliot Otazo (Kevin), Cecilia

                 Rainero (Claudia), Ciro Coien Pardo (Juan)

Crew       Director Francisco Márquez 

                 Screenwriters Tomás Downey, Francisco Márquez

                 Director of Photography  Federico Lastra

                 Production Designer  Mariela Rípodas

                 Editor  Lorena Moriconi

                 Music  Orlando Scarpa Nieto

                 Sound Design  Abel Tortorelli

                 Producers Luciana Piantanida, Andreas Testa, Francisco Márquez

                 Co-Producers Dan Wechsler, Daniel Pech

                Production company Pensar Con Las Manos

                Co-Producers Multiverso Produções (Brazil) , Bord Cadre Films


                Associate Producer Sovereign Films (UK)



Original Title      Un Crimen común

Countries             Argentina/ Brazil/ Switzerland/ UK

Language            Spanish

Subtitles avail    English

Genre                    Drama/ thriller


Length                  96'

Format                  DCP I Color I 5.1 I 1:1:33 (4:3)

Year                       2020


Berlin Film Festival 2020 (Panorama, Germany)


To be poor in Argentina means to be already a suspect. The dominant ideology stands that if you are poor, then you're a thief, you're lazy, ignorant and, above all, dangerous. Very dangerous. This kind of discourses legitimizes the constant stop and search, the illegal detention, lock-up, bit-up and even murder from the repressive apparatus of the State.
In 2019, the Argentine State murdered one person every 19 hours. More than 85% were in the cell, or simply walking through a neighborhood. Half of them were under 25 years old. All of them were poor.
When as intellectuals and critical artists we look at the popular sectors, we do it under the belief that by addressing the situation we contribute in making it visible, and thus, contribute to change some aspects of these injustices to which they are subjected. «A common crime» depicts that tragic mismatch resulting from the inevitable distance between people from different social classes: what would happen if that pain came knocking our door and instead of words demanded us to act?
The film involves professional actors but also people who live in vulnerable contexts reinterpreting that reality they live in for the film. We set out to make a film that, beyond telling a story, it can be felt physically. That ́s why there are scenes shot with the classic horror film tools and others deeply marked by reality. That encounter, we believe, is filmmaking all about.




Francisco Márquez was born in Buenos Aires in 1981. He studied at ENERC where he currently teaches. His first documentary feature, «Después de Sarmiento» (After Sarmiento, 2015), was selected in the official competition of the 27th Rencontres of Toulouse, 14th EDOC among other international festivals. «La larga noche de Francisco Sanctis» (The long night of Francisco Sanctis, 2016), his first fiction feature, participated at the 69th Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard), 64th San Sebastian Festival (Horizontes Latinos) and was awarded Best International film at the 18th BAFICI. His last work, «Un crimen común» (A Common Crime, 2020), will be released at the 70th Berlinale, in the Panorama section. He is a partner of the producer Pensar con las manos and a member of the Colectivo de Cineastas, an organization of directors, producers and technicians who fight for public policies for Argentine cinema.


"The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis" - 2016

"Después de Sarmiento" - 2015 (Doc)

"Sucursal 39" - 2014 (short)

"Imagenes para antes de la Guerra" - 2011 (short)


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