Toronto International Film Festival 2019 - Honourable Mention

Berlin Film Festival 2020 (Forum - International Premiere)

Anne — played by Deragh Campbell, in one of the year’s most staggering performances — is a volatile young woman challenged by everyday social and professional encounters, in the latest from Kazik Radwanski (Tower, How Heavy This Hammer).

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Anne is a mid-20s, single, daycare center worker, whose personal and work-based responsibilities begin to destabilize her. After an overwhelming skydiving trip on the occasion of her best friend Sara's bachelorette party, Anne begins to apply a care-free joyousness to the mundanity of her conservative job, the effects of which begin to spill into her personal life, testing the relationships of her friends and family. At Sara's wedding, Anne meets Matt, who takes to her offbeat, confrontational charms, but pushes the limits of what's acceptable when even the rules of intimacy seem punishing.


Cast                 Deragh Campbell, Matt Johnson, Dorothea Paas, Lawrene Denkers

Crew                Director Kazik Radwanski

                         Screenplay Kazik Radwanski

                         Cinematography Nikolay Michaylov

                         Editing Ajla Odobašic

                         Producers Dan Montgomery, Kazik Radwanski

                         Executive Producers Nathan Silver, C. Mason Wells

                         Production companies Medium Density Fibreboard Films (MDFF),

                         Film Maudit

                         Sound Alex Hennessey, Ian Reynolds


Original Title          Anne at 13,000 ft

Language                English

Subtitles avail        English

Genre                       Drama

Length                     75 mins

Format                     DCP | Colour | 5.1

Year                          2019


Toronto International Film Festival 2019 (Honourable Mention)/ Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)/ Calgary International Film Festival (Canada)/ AFI Fest (New Auteurs, US), Available Light Film Festival (Canada)/ Berlin Film Festival (Forum, Germany)


Anne at 13,000 ft is the third feature in a thematic trilogy grounded in character-centric portraits of outsiders who can’t connect with others. Since my first short film (Assault, 2007), I’ve always chosen to shoot close to my actor’s faces, studying every detail and nuance of their expression. I like to capture subjects’ movements and speech so that the faces of their characters become the emotional landscape of my scenes. (...)

This film marks a new development in my process, because I wrote the film’s character - Anne - for an actress I greatly admire, Deragh Campbell, who has acted in several acclaimed features (I Used to be Darker, Fail to Appear and Stinking Heaven). (...)

Anne at 13,000 ft is my most ambitious work to date, not in terms of budget or scope but because it’s the culmination of a process and methods developed over the past decade with the same core group of collaborators. [More on the presskit]






Kazik Radwanski was born in Toronto. His shorts include the festival selections PRINCESS MARGARET BLVD. (2008), OUT IN THAT DEEP BLUE SEA (2009), GREEN CRAYONS (2010), and SCAFFOLD (2017). His feature credits include TOWER (2012) and HOW HEAVY THIS HAMMER (2015), which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Assault (2007) - 11 min
Princess Margaret Blvd. (2008) - 14 mins Out in that Deep Blue Sea (2009) - 16 mins Green Crayons (2010) - 10 mins
Tower (2012) - 78 mins
Cutaway (2014) - 7 mins
How Heavy This Hammer (2015) - 78 mins Scaffold (2017) – 15 min
Anne at 13,000 ft (2019) - 75 mins


"Stylistically shaped around the protagonist, Radwansk’s filmi keeps us in close proximity to Anne without explicitly revealing her psychology, avoiding the pitfalls and clichés of a character study and refusing to define her uneasy state of mind. Perennial VIFF and independent Canadian film star Deragh Campbell (MS Slavic 7, Fail to Appear) gives one of the year’s best performances, crafting a fully realized character at once unknowable to the viewer yet deeply and completely felt." Vancouver International Film Festival


"Deragh Campbell delivers a knockout performance in Kazik Radwanski's ANNE AT 13,000 FT. A quick, lean and intimate character study, ANNE AT 13,000 FT presents a moving portrait of a young woman who may be losing her grasp on reality." Calgary International Film Festival

"Derah Campbell’s layered and dynamic performance as Anne draws us into an intimate portrait of a volatile, young woman struggling to find her place in society. With his third feature, Kaz Radwanski establishes his talents within modern Canadian cinema and explores the complexities of mental illness with great empathy. " AFI Fest


“Heralds impressive talents to watch in both Radwanski and Campbell.” SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

“Driven by a fearless, fully committed central performance.” SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

“A symphony of social awkwardness.” SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

"Anxiously funny... quietly shattering." MUBI

“A cathartic sensory experience.” THE FILM STAGE

“One of the best performance - Toronto's top moments” THE GUARDIAN

"a calibrated, viscerally lived-in performance that the reimagines the expressive possibilities of psychological realism". FILM COMMENT


“The parallels between the Belgian [Dardennes] brothers and Radwanski are particularly apparent.” CINEMASCOPE

“Sincere, inventive and intense filmmaking that is impossible to shake.” GLOBE AND MAIL

“Campbell’s riveting performance as a woman on the verge of vertigo is a sight to behold.” TORONTO STAR

"The close-up not only accurately captures and represents Anne’s state of mind but it also, in a way, makes the audience complicit in these mounting pressures." FILMPULSE

"Campbell delivers as a next-gen Gena Rowlands, but escapes the shadows of its precedents with an intimate a character study that follows its own taut rhythms." - INDIEWIRE

“Exhilarating... it barely lets audiences breathe. Campbell’s ferociously committed turn as Anne is an astonishing feat.” POV



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Saturday 22 at 6pm (Berlin Film Festival)

Saturday 22 at 7pm (Berlin Film Festival)

Saturday 29 at 9pm (Berlin Film Festival)

Sunday 1 at 7:30pm (Berlin Film Festival)



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