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Jaroslav is a handsome and seemingly good-natured son, father and decent husband. But in fact, he is pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka and very much afraid that she will leave him one day with their three children. Jaroslav and his family do not hesitate to employ violence, deceit and terror against others, which ultimately leads to a family tragedy.


Cast          Jaroslav Plesl, Petra Fornayová, Regina Rázlová, Jan Alexander, Jazmína

                  Cigánková, Irena Bendová, Roman Lipka, Mária Surková, Mária

                  Fornayová, Emil Fornay, Lucia Steinerová, Cyprián Sulej, Tereza

                  Krasnanská, Michaela Hollá

Crew       Director & Screenwriter Mira Fornay

                 Director of Photography Tomás Sysel

                 Editor Mira Fornay

                 Editor supervisor Urszula Lesiak

                 Production Designer Jana Boháčková

                 Sound Dominik Dolejsí

                 Make Up Artist Jana Bílková

                 Producers Viktor Schwarcz, Mira Fornay

                 Production companies Cineart TV Prague s.r.o., Česká televise, Mirafox

                 s.r.o., Rozhlas a televizia Slovenska, Synergia film


Original Title    Cook F** Kill

Language          Czech

Subtitles            English

Genre                 Absurd Drama

Length               116 mins

Format               DCP I Color I 5.1

Year                    2019


Tallinn - Black Nights Film Festival 2019 (Rebels with a Cause Competition, Estonia), IFFR - Rotterdam international Film Festival (Voices Main Programme)...


It is the tale of a day in the life of Jaroslav K. (43) – a family drama, depicting a conniving and violent tormentor, sexual and domestic abuse with an unexpected end. This film was inspired by almost two years of research in both male and female prisons. Using experience gained, I approached my third film in a more daring way, going deep into my soul using what I call the “analogue method” a language of metaphors and my imagination based on solid research in the real world. I have rewritten my research into the language of an imaginary parallel world, thus creating a tiny layer on top of reality that helps the audience see through unconscious connections, instead of through the logic of social norms.

Although many are reluctant to accept that such abuse exists on their home ground, certainly in Central Europe, it is sadly a phenomenon without borders. I believe that my absurdist drama rendered in non-traditional form of game will present a novel perspective on intimacy, sexuality, and violence, and in particular on domestic violence in modern society.




Mira Fornay premiered her debut Foxes (2009) at Venice Film Festival (International Film Critics’ Week). Her second film, My Dog Killer (2013), won the Tiger Award in the main competition at the Rotterdam IFF, receiving a nomination for the European Film Awards, and was chosen as the Slovak national entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. Her latest film Cook F** Kill is now premiering at Black Nights Film Festival 2019 in the Rebels with a cause competition. She is also coproducers of her last two films and owner of film company MIRAFOX.


FOXES/ “Lištičky”

- IFF Benátky competition Venice days 2009

- IFF Cottbus - prize DIALOG

- Slnko v sieti 2010 - Prix JANDL

- IFF Rouen - R. Derzsi - Best actress


MY DOG KILLER/ “Můj pes Killer”

- IFF Rotterdam – Hivos Tiger Award Winner 2012

- IFF Vilnius – M. Fornay – best director

- IFF Titanic – merit international jury

- Finále Plzen – Golden kingfisher – best Czech film 2012

- VII. IFF Andrej Tarkovsky “Zrcadlo” – best director

- Art film Trenč. Teplice – Prize Film Europe

- Filmfest München CineVision Award



"Seen through the prism of a metaphor, the film is an intimate story about family or “the most aggressive group within a society, with the exception of the army and the police”, as Fornay states. The director employs stark and edgy black humour in order to expose the responsibility of her hero and by taking a step further, she presents the story as a game about games and the “family programming” that incubates abuse." Black Nights Film Festival

"A layered, absurdist family drama about the vicious circle of domestic violence in central Europe. All based on a fable about a chain of events that starts with a bloodthirsty wolf. The instinctually driven beast of prey is very akin to the aggressive father-in-law of Jaroslav, the anti-hero of this story. A timid ambulance driver, Jaroslav has a complex relationship with his wife, Blanka. She uses their three children as blackmail to get what she wants: his mother's apartment.

Various versions of the way Jaroslav attempts to save his marriage are ingeniously told and unfold as a video-game narrative. Roles and power dynamics are reversed, always culminating in a lot of blood and broken crockery. Other repeating elements include a falling jukebox, a choir of commenting women, like in a Greek tragedy, extensive cooking sessions, original metaphors and bizarre dialogue. The film was inspired by extensive research into violence in men's and women's prisons conducted by director Mira Fornay." Rotterdam Film Festival


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