Directed by Christina Choe

Market Screening in Cannes

Sunday 13 at 11:30am, Palais J

Sundance Film Festival 2018 US Dramatic

Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award

Authentic performances by an extraordinary cast and exacting, restrained direction by first-time feature filmmaker Christina Choe create a chilling, aching tension as we attempt to anticipate Nancy’s next move. At times morally ambiguous, at times heartbreakingly raw and honest, NANCY presents a female anti-hero for times like ours—when, for better or for worse, posturing and storytelling are the instruments we use to overcome loneliness and desperation.

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Nancy is a 35-year-old temp living with her mom and cat in a modest home in a modest town. She is also an aspiring writer whose submissions are consistently rejected by the likes of the Atlantic and the Paris Review. To make up for these failures and the invisibility she feels, Nancy spins elaborate lies and hoaxes under pseudonyms on the internet. When she encounters a couple whose 5-year-old daughter went missing 30 years ago, fact and fiction begin to blur in Nancy’s mind, and she becomes increasingly convinced these strangers are her real parents.


Cast                      Andrea Riseborough, J. Smith-Cameron, Steve Buscemi, Ann Dowd,

John Leguizamo

Crew                     Director & Screenwriter: Christina Choe

Producers: Amy Lo, Michelle Cameron, Andrea Riseborough

Executive Producers: Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson, Mynette Louie, Rachel Song
Cinematographer: Zoë White

Editor: David Gutnik

Composer: Peter Raeburn

Production Designer: Charlotte Royer

Costume Designer: Tere Duncan


Original Title    Nancy

Language          English

Genre                 Drama

Length               86 mins

Format               DCP | Colour | 5.1

Year                    2018


Sundance Film Festival 2018 (Dramatic Competition, USA)/ ... more to be announced !



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"Choe weaves small nuggets of information into a scenario with universal fascination, building up a character – with the help of a fearless Riseborough – who says little but is hard to forget. Choe makes an impact with this intriguing debut." Screen

"Nancy is a liar, but the trick is, we can’t help but believe her. We want to." IndieWire

"Rare is it that one gets to see a performance as strong as Andrea Riseborough’s in NANCY." The Film Stage

"Complex, gripping and strikingly original, NANCY features a remarkable lead performance from Andrea Riseborough and astonishingly assured writing and direction by Christina Choe, who announces herself as a major talent." Talkhouse

"J. Smith-Cameron exudes a tremulous maternal warmth that feels achingly real, and Steve Buscemi has rarely, if ever, been more touching or subdued. They convey such a vivid sense of these people, their painful shared history and the hushed, haunted life they've rebuilt." The Hollywood Reporter

"Choe has taken a slim scenario and used to touch on universal themes and thoughts of escape and second chances in life. Buscemi is strong as the questioning father figure, while J. Smith-Cameron is warm and open as the mother. " IndieWire


Christina Choe’s short films have screened at dozens of festivals, including the Telluride Film Festival and SXSW Film Festival, as well as the Slamdance Film Festival, where her short I Am John Wayne won the Grand Jury Prize for best short film. Choe's honors also include an HBOAccess® Directing Fellowship; an artist residency at The MacDowell Colony; a Sundance Institute Fellowship; and a Roger and Chaz Ebert Foundation Fellowship, which was awarded at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.