Tribeca Film Festival 2019: Best Actor / Best Screenplay

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In order to realize his estranged and terminally-ill father's wish to be buried under the "Noah Tree" his father swears he had planted, Omer, a quick-tempered son in a mid-life crisis, has to face the villagers who believe that the "holy" tree is the first tree planted by prophet Noah after the Great Flood and has the power to answer the prayers immediately.


Cast              Ali Atay, Haluk Bilginer, Arin Kusaksizoglu, Mehmet

                      Ozgur, Hande Dogandemir

Crew            Director & Screenwriter Cenk Ertürk

                     Cinematographer Federico Cesca

                     Editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis

                     Composer Leon Gurvitch

                     Producers Us Film (Alp Erturk, Sevki Tuna Erturk,  Cenk Erturk)


Original Title     Nuh Tepesi

Language           Turkish

Subtitles             English

Genre                  Drama

Tags                     PARENTHOOD - RELIGION -

Length                109 mn

Format                DCP



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Cenk Ertürk is a filmmaker with an excessive interest in duels and owls. He began developing Noah Land at New York University and finalized the screenplay at Cannes Film Festival Cinéfondation Residence. Ertük is currently developing his second feature, which follows a couple navigating a self-destructive journey to form a "happy" family.


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"Winning Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival, this Turkish drama contemplates faith, trust and the trappings of masculinity, earning comparisons to Abbas Kiarostami’s filmography for its poignant, contemplative approach. (...) Told as much through cinematographer Federico Cesca’s (Yomedine, MIFF 2018; Patti Cake$, MIFF 2017) vivid images as through dialogue, Noah Land pairs a dying man’s determined fight with his son’s increasing struggle. First-time writer/director Cenk Ertürk crafts an intimate exploration of human nature that doubles as deeply intense character study – as evidenced in Atay’s stirring, award-winning performance." Melbourne International Film Festival

"A thoughtful and deeply felt debut from Cenk Ertürk, Noah Land probes ethical questions about the price of victory while weighing a human tendency to react in extremes. As Ömer and Ibrahim begin to open up to each other, it also becomes a story about good faith—both in terms of trusting another’s intentions and trusting one’s own." Tribeca Film Festival

"Cenk Ertürk’s feature debut is a tense, powerful study of anger and pride. Ali Atay gives a superb performance as Ömer, a man facing the death of his father (...) With its provocative symbolism, its sharp characterizations, and its escalating current of danger, Noah Land is strong stuff. Anchored in the performances of Bilginer and the ever-glowering Atay, graced with fluid cinematography by Federico Cesca, and powerfully directed by Ertürk, it’s a film that grips your attention during its running time and haunts your mind afterwards." Vancouver International Film Festival

"A major prize winner at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, the debut feature from writer-director Cenk Ertürk introduces a bold new voice in Turkish cinema." Mill Valley Film Festival

"In this sensitively wrought drama, first-time feature filmmaker Cenk Entürk grapples with profound questions of faith and honor as they shape our relationships with family, community, and self." Denver Film Festival



“Men are allowed to be vulnerable, and Noah Land reminds us of that fact.” Film Threat



Wednesday 23 at 2pm (Sao Paulo Intl Film Festival)

Sunday 27 at 7pm (Sao Paulo Intl Film Festival)

Tuesday 29 at 5:40pm (Sao Paulo Intl Film Festival)


Saturday 2 at 1:45pm (Denver Film Festival)

Thursday 7 at 6:45pm (Denver Film Festival)

Saturday 16 at 6:45pm Vancouver Turkish Film Festival

TBC (Inverness Film Festival)



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