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European Premiere: First Feature Competition Tallinn - Black Nights FF

In a decaying forest on the Yugoslav-Italian border in the years after World War II, a stingy, old carpenter and a lonely, young chestnut seller share imaginative memories of the past as they weigh fateful decisions for the future, in this touching homage to a lost way of life.

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Once upon a time, somewhere in a far-off land, lived an elderly husband and wife. The old woman fell sick and died, and the old man, a stingy carpenter, found himself alone. Pondering the life he had lived, he met a young woman, a chestnut seller who desperately wanted to leave home and find a better life overseas. Surrounded by nothing but the rudimentary nature these lonely souls share fond memories as well as contemplation of their futures. Should they remain haunted by a life that was, or does another path call, joining countless others on the rickety cart to a life unknown?


Daily survival had a continued meaning for the people on the border of the newly re-formed Yugoslavia and Italy in the wake of World War II. Local inhabitants found themselves stuck on the Iron Curtain dividing the East from the West. For countless reasons, mass migrations between the lands inevitably followed. It is in one such location, Slavia-Veneta, along the Italian-Slovenian border, that the spellbinding Stories From The Chestnut Woods takes place.

Within the forest lives the Stingy Carpenter, Mario (Massimo De Francovich). Stubborn in his old age, Mario is known for his unflappable competitive nature and for his preoccupations with income. He fails to notice his wife's descent into illness, one among several missed opportunities to care for his loved ones. Mario tries to impart his hard-gained wisdom to Marta (Ivana Roscic), the Last Chestnut Seller, who has been left to tend the chestnut groves after her husband's departure. In their decaying surroundings, these lonely souls share fond memories — transformed into imaginative tales — and melancholic contemplations of their futures. Should they remain, haunted by a life that was, or does another path call: joining countless others on the rickety cart to world unknown?

A passion for pomology led director Gregor Bozic to harvest stories of the farmers who lived along the border where the chestnuts once grew. Cultivating vibrant beauty in each 35mm frame, accompanied by an ethereal theremin score, Bozic captures the poetic impermanence of their joy, sorrow, and loss in this stunning debut, a touching homage to a forgotten land and its displaced people.


Cast             Massimo De Francovich (Mario), Ivana Roščić (Marta), Giusi Merli (Dora),

                     Tomi Janežič (dr. Toni), Anita Kravos (Cecilia), Nataša Keser (Ema), Janja

                     Majzelj (King), Matija Solce (King), Marko Brecelj (King).

Crew           Director Gregor Božič

                     Screenplay Gregor Božič & Marina Gumzi

                     Cinematography Ferran Paredes Rubio

                     Editing Gregor Božič, Benjamin Mirguet, Giuseppe Leonetti

                     Production Designer Giovanna Cirianni        

                     Sound Jan Vysocky, Julij Zornik      

                     Original Score Hekla Magnúsdóttir

                     Costume Designers Katharina Jockwer & Mateja Fajt

                     Make-up Designer Barbara Morosetti

                     Producer Marina Gumzi      

                     Co-Producer Igor Prinčič

                     Production Companies NOSOROGI (Slovenia), Transmedia Production



Original Title           Zgodbe Iz Kostanjevih Gozdov 

Alternative Titles   Historias Do Bosque De

                                    Castanhas (Brazil)

                                    Kastanimetsade Lood (Estonia)

Language                 Slovene, Italian

Subtitles avail        English, Portuguese

Genre                        Drama

Tag                             FANTASY - HISTORY - DRAMA -

                                    FRIENDSHIP -


Length                      81 mins

Shooting Format   35mm, S16mm

Format                     DCP | Colour | 5.1

Year                          2019


Toronto International Film Festival 2019 (Discovery)/ Sao Paolo International Film Festival (New Directors Competition Brazil)/ Goa International Film Festival (International Competition, India)/ Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (First Feature Competition, Estonia)


“This story draws inspiration from the Valli del Natisone border region between Italy and present-day Slovenia. We’ve tried to transmit the spirit of this particular environment that for centuries was prone to political instabilities and constant migrations. We wanted to create a fable-like parable about life and death in forgotten, abandoned places, a film to feel like a soft and distant memory.” Gregor Božič

“Stories from the Chestnut Woods is a gentle film about fading of a collective imagination. Subversive naivety is what holds the narrative – a patchwork of anecdotes, memories, hallucinations and dreams – together, and that narrative is by definition fragile. It was never simple to explain why we are making the film about death as it happened in a godforsaken place some fifty years ago, and today I think it was perhaps our intuitive attempt to resist the prevailing sense of the end.” Marina Gumzi




Born in 1984 in Nova Gorica, a Slovenian town on the border with Italy, Gregor has maintained a keen Interested in photography since boyhood. He studied directing at Slovene national film school, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome and at DFFB in Berlin. Apart from working as a film director and director of photography, most notably together with the director Matjaž Ivanišin (Playing Men, 2017 and Oroslan, 2019), Gregor is also a passionate researcher of Mediterranean pomology. In 2012, he conducted a vast research on old and autochthonous fruit varieties, in which he collaborated with old farmers from the Italo- Slovene borderland. It was during this time that he collected numerous memories and stories from the 20th century, which inspired him to make Stories from the Chestnut Woods.


MARINA GUMZI - Studied dramaturgy, performance studies and film production in Ljubljana, Berlin, Ludwigsburg and Paris. After having worked alongside with performance artists for about a decade, she is currently focusing on creating and curating young contemporary cinema. Working as a producer and writer, she is especially interested in exploring new ways to communicate the issues related to environmental protection and conscious consumption.


"Gregor Bozic's first feature is an exquisite visual poem on bereavement, which his characters must process in isolation from the rest of the world, in a forest between Italy and Yugoslavia. Stories from the Chestnut Woods is a melancholic fairy tale." CINEUROPA

"Cultivating vibrant beauty in each 35mm frame, accompanied by an ethereal theremin score, Bozic captures the poetic impermanence of their joy, sorrow, and loss in this stunning debut, a touching homage to a forgotten land and its displaced people." Dorota Lech, TIFF Programmer


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